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Jason the Content Librarian



I understand exactly where Jason is coming from. I believe librarians don’t really understand how to implement new technologies in their libraries because most of them are not techno savvy as they should be. I think that library administration should have workshops to train librarians on how to implement new technologies in their libraries.

I believe that Libraries who are on social media like facebook, twitter and MySpace will only find people adding them if those individuals are in the library field themselves. However, it is good to have libraries on social media for persons to share information and ideas with each otherand promote their libraries.

Yes, librarians do copy each other’s ideas and use them in their libraries, but as aspiring librarians we should all remember that if somethings works in one library does not mean it is going to work in another.



  1. I looked at this and I think it made a lot sense. I personally liked the quote he used. “Good artists copy. Great artists steal” Picasso

  2. swtcameron says:

    Yes as you pointed out that different libraries will have different needs and so librarians need to be more creative and inventive.

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